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The Next Step: An Exploration of Salvation Army Soldiership

The Next Step is a four part DVD and booklet series that takes you step by step through what it means to be a soldier. The DVD and booklet have been designed to work in unison to provide a comprehensive overview of the Soldier's covenant, while exploring Salvation Army history and structure, our doctrine and symbols, lifestyle commitments and ministry outlets.

The Territorial Youth Department believe that soldier's are an essential part of our movement, and that young people can make some of the most effective, passionate and capable soldiers in the battle. We also believe that a really important part of that is fully understanding what a soldier's role is, what you're agreeing to, and the importance of a covenant with God, and The Next Step can help you get there.

In September 2011 Corps and Centres received The Next Step: An Exploration of Salvation Army Soldiership. Included in these packs were ten student’s handbooks, two leader’s handbooks, and a DVD. As these books were designed to be written and scribbled in, and then kept by participants, you'll need more copies each time you run classes.

You can order more books, another DVD, or even a whole box set. Each booklet order comes with free invitation cards. See the prices below, then email us your order.

thenextstep packs

Prices (in NZD):

- Student and Leader Handbooks - $3 each

- The Next Step DVD - $5

- Box Set (10 student books, 2 leader books, 1 DVD, 10 invitations) - $40

- Postage*- up to $5

* Postage will be calculated and added to your order. Your Corps/Centre will be charged via journal.


To order, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your order details and we will get in touch.

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