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otherresources contentThere are a whole heap of ways to start encouraging biculturalism at home, your school, work place and youth group. From learning some language games, to trying out traditional Māori art and Māori cooking - there are so many cool ways to get started. Check out some suggestions below.


Māori Games

Want to play some Māori games? Check out the site below. Use some of these games at youth events to expose people to something different. You could even host a big Māori games tournament. Simply pick a game, send out the rules, set a time and date for the tourney, and make a day of it!

We'll update this section with more game ideas soon, including the pukana and iwi games some of you had a go at at TYMC.


Māori Cooking

Every culture is better understood when you experience how they feed. Spend a month with your church or youth group preparing and eating some traditional Māori foods. Have a look at the website below or head to your local library to see if they have any Māori cook books. The best thing is that these are all about New Zealand's native foods, so you shouldn't struggle to find ingredients.


Māori Art

Art is a cool way to learn about some of the traditions, beliefs and ideas of the Māori culture. Their art holds a lot of significance and meaning, and usually incoporates a lot of symbols and shapes that hold deeper meaning and value. Have a look around the internet and your library for ideas on Māori art and how you can give it a go.


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