What is Salvation Army Officership?

Each year, The Salvation Army commissions 'Salvation Army Officers' who are ministers in Salvation Army churches and centres. To become an officer, you do two years of training at The Salvation Army's Booth College of Mission in Upper Hutt.

We all have different callings from God, and for some, that calling might be to pursue a life of Officership in The Salvation Army.


Booth College of Mission

The cool people over at Booth College of Mission have this to say about being called to Salvation Army Officership: 

It’s an exciting thing to get a nudge from God! That strong and passionate prompt in our heart or mind to do something that makes a difference for God and for others. You may be here because you’ve had just such a nudge toward Salvation Army officership.

Talk to your corps officer or the Candidates Secretary for your division. Talk to your friends, your family, your husband or wife if you’re married. Most importantly, talk to God. Trust God to lead you. Trust God to use you.


More Information

You can check out more information about officership at, and watch the 'I'm Saying Yes' videos here.