Amplify 2018 Recap

What do camps, carbs and carpet burns have in common?


Amplify 2018 was another incredible seven days of hanging out, learning more, getting creative, digging deeper, encountering Jesus and a whole heap of good times.

If you don't know, Amplify is the Salvation Army’s territorial creative arts camp for anyone from school year 11-30 years old. It was held at Silverstream Retreat near Upper Hutt from Jan 15-21.

Delegates chose a major and minor to focus on throughout the week—such as dance, drama, photography, church production, writing, music, sports and hospitality. They also took part in a bunch of cool workshops, daily Bible studies, church services, an exhibition night and plenty of other sweet activities throughout the week.

Amplify is always an amazing time, and 2018 was no different. Check out some of the highlights …


Top Five Classic Moments

  1. That time we all turned up to camp to set up and realised 50 per cent of camp was now a construction zone. Massive diggers, piles of rock, deep ditches and enough industrial fencing to enclose a small town—it all added to the creative/DIY vibe of camp … we guess.
  1. Who knew a smelly, dirty pile of old Family Store clothes could get people so enthused? People went nuts during the clothes pile activity in the big game—massive dives, wrestling, tackles, collisions, carpet-burn … all to find that one piece of gross old clothing.
  1. Tom Medland busting out a road cone during worship on the final morning of camp. Last year the lime tree made an appearance, this year one of the many road cones from around the construction zones at camp turned up to get its praise on ...
  1. Guest speaker, Justin Rose, attempting to stage dive during the final act of Exhibition Night. It took three goes but Justin rode that human wave like a rockstar.
  1. This year’s Exhibition Night opener was the best yet—Micah Tofilau and Peter Montgomery busted out their best The Greatest Showman movie impersonations and got the crowd ready for an incredible night.


Top Four Bonding Moments

  1. Checking out some incredible talent at the Café Acoustic Night was awesome. Such a cool night eating nuggs, drinking milkshakes, chatting with new friends and listening to the amazing talent of the Amplify campers and staff.
  1. The ‘spontaneous’ (although, it’s becoming tradition now …) dance party on the final night of camp was awesome. Bringing all that energy from Exhibition Night and dancing the night away—encouraging anyone and everyone (including Jim Downey) to dance in the middle of the circle. Good times!
  1. The four church services of the week were a cool opportunity to meet together, get into worship and the Word, hear from God, and get into some really meaningful discussion and prayer times together. Life changing!
  1. Exhibition Night was an amazing time of encouragement and celebration of all we had learned and developed during the week. Different majors and minors had the opportunity to perform or showcase what they had been up to. And all our family and friends got to tune in online!


Amplify By The Numbers

  • The number of carpet burns caused by the clothes pile game: way toooo many
  • The number of carb-based meals at camp: 9/10
  • The number of seconds it took for all the free hospitality major butter chicken meals to disappear: about three!
  • The number of sunny days at camp: the most ever!
  • The number of nuggs sold at the café: one billion
  • The number of campers who ended up on crutches: only two! And a broken hand…
  • The number of meals ordered from Silverstream McDonald’s during the week: enough to keep them in business ’till next Amplify
  • The number of cars crushed by falling trees: only one—the camp owner’s…
  • The number of parties in Heaven because of the decisions and transformations across the week: too many to count!


Top Four Church Challenges

  • Courtney’s ‘Weariness’ sermon: Courtney used the story of Elijah to show that even an incredible man of God like Elijah got tired and needed God to encourage him through the whisper. Courtney encouraged us that God wants to heal our weariness and for us to start afresh.
  • Justin’s ‘Desperate’ sermon: Justin used the story of the widow and the oil jars in 2 Kings to challenge us to think about what we’re desperate for. Justin asked us, what do we have that we can offer the Lord? And are there jars we’re holding onto? We should let God fill them all!
  • Courtney’s ‘Holiness’ sermon: Courtney shared Hannah’s story about being a woman with nothing, but she devoted her life to God and changed the world. Courtney shared how Hannah’s story tells us that we always have something to offer God, and that we should pursue holiness.
  • Justin’s ‘Adoration’ sermon: Justin used the story of Martha and Mary to illustrate how Jesus says there is only one thing that matters—the desire to be close to Him. Justin reminded us, like Mary, to come to Jesus’ feet and to continually become less so he can become more.


Camper Highlights