Spoken Word Article2

On Saturday and Sunday, the 10th and 11th of August, Blenheim Corps was privileged to host the very gifted Rosy Keane for two spoken word workshop evenings. A range of people attended from the youth group as well as the wider corps community, and approximately forty people over the two nights were touched by this awe-inspiring experience.

Spoken word poetry was beautifully described by one attendee as a "creative expression of worship to God", and these workshops encompassed this new perspective on talking to God, accompanied by an eagerness to hear the Holy Spirit through the words of others.

Rosy encouraged us to step out of our comfort zone when we were tasked with creating our own spoken word poetry. A series of questions were laid out for us to which we were to respond with the initial thoughts that came to mind in a set amount of words, and although we had a slight structure to follow, for many of us the freedom to write whatever came to mind was quite daunting. However, this helped to establish a place of vulnerability and humility before God where we could let down any barriers and just freely write the truth from our heart. We were then encouraged by Rosy to share our spoken words with the group, if we felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to do so, and as some people began to share their works, the group started to notice similar threads of thought throughout each individual’s poems. We could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit through each of our words; how they rang true and complemented each other. It was great to see the participation from everyone who attended. At one point Rosy asked us to read out certain lines from our poems as a group, one after another, in an anthem of praise to God. It was awesome to see how each poem, although individual, could link together to make one poem that still had a strong, empowering message.

Throughout these workshops, we were blessed to listen to some of Rosy's own poetry and to ponder her words as well. A cool way we were taught to respond to or affirm what we heard when a word, phrase or message resonated with us, was by clicking our fingers in appreciation.

The art of spoken word has opened up another avenue of channelled, thought-filled, creative worship and active conversation with God that we can now use in our own personal prayer lives. Thank you, Rosy, for making these evenings a positive challenge and inspiring us to look deeper into another form of worship.


For enquiries about hosting a spoken word workshop in your church or community, please contact Rosy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Rosy will also be leading the spoken word minor at the next Amplify creative arts camp in January 2020 – for more information and to register, check out www.amplifycamp.nz.