Amplify 2020 ArticleWhen we think of being healthy, most of us automatically think of looking after our physical health, but there’s more to keeping healthy than eating your greens and cranking out a few squats each day. Keeping fit is obviously important, but looking after your mental, emotional and spiritual health is just as vital. In this period of isolation, you may not be able to look after yourself in the same ways you do outside of the lockdown, so here are some suggestions for staying healthy at home:



  • Go for regular walks. Exercise and fresh air is not only good for your body, but it’s great for maintaining good mental and emotional health as well.
  • Start an at-home workout routine. There are plenty of apps that can help you with this, and many of these don’t require you to have any exercise equipment.
  • Do some DIY. If you’ve got the materials and know-how, why not give your mind and body something to do and take on a building project during the lockdown.


Get creative

  • Use this time to do some painting or drawing, write songs or poetry, learn some new cooking skills, etc. Many of us usually lack the free time or energy to spend a lot of it getting creative, so this is a great opportunity to hone some of your skills or to give something new a try.
  • The Auaha April group on Facebook is asking participants to produce some creative work based on a different topic each day for the month of April. Check out what others have been doing and join them here.



  • Stay connected with your friends and church whanau through social media. With all the technology at our disposal, there’s no excuse for not catching up with those in our community.
  • Come up with some creative ways to interact, like a scavenger hunt or other challenges that people can record and share.
  • For you youth leaders, the 'Stuff You Can Use: A Youth Ministry Community' Facebook page is a great way to connect with other youth workers around the world and to share ideas for connecting with your young people during the lockdown. Check it out here.


Look after your mental health

Mental health issues are all too common, but we don’t have to deal with them alone. Hopefully most of us have trusted friends, family, youth leaders, etc., that we can connect with if we’re struggling, but there are also plenty of online resources and services to help us cope. Here are a few we recommend checking out if you're struggling:


Keep growing spiritually

  • During the lockdown, the Salvation Army is providing resources and suggestions for connecting with others on the Salvation Online website. This includes weekly online services kicking off at 10am each Sunday. You can tune in to these at or on The Salvation Army NZFTS Facebook page. There are also a few corps and plenty of other churches providing online services and sermons, so there’s no excuse not to keep being spiritually fed in this way.
  • RightNow Media has a ton of free resources and Bible study series to stream. Watch one by yourself or work through it with a small group online. Check them out here.
  • The YouVersion Bible app has loads of great devotionals and reading plans, along with access to multiple Bible translations wherever you are! Just search ‘YouVersion’ in the app store on your smartphone.