September 1st is New Zealand's RAK Day! In Luke 21:1–4, we read about a widow who had nothing to give at the temple but two copper coins. Her gift was all she had, and that’s what made it special to Jesus. One small act in the spirit of true generosity can have a huge impact, so we’ve compiled 99 Random Acts of Kindness to love God, love your neighbour and love yourself.


For Your Neighbours

1     Give extra meal servings to a neighbour rather than your freezer.

2     Offer to babysit.

3     Leave flowers at your front gate with a note for people to take one.

4     Rake your street or a neighbour’s driveway.

5     Hold the elevator.

6     Leave a container of detergent at your laundromat for the next person.

7     Mow/weed a neighbour’s garden.

8     Help them unload their shopping.

9     Use your craft or creative talents to make a gift.

10   Give up your bus seat.

11   Leave sweet treats for the postie.

12   Find a local book box and leave good condition books inside. Write a note in the front pages of the books from your family and encourage the next reader to do the same when they pass it on.


For Your Local Area

13   Donate good-quality clothes and items to Family Stores.

14   Volunteer at a local charity.

15   Pay for the car behind you at the drive-thru.

16   Compliment a stranger about something other than their appearance.

17   Place non-perishable food into the purple bins at Countdown or donate online to The Foodbank Project.

18   Let the person behind you in the queue go first.

19   Put unwanted items at the store back where you found them.

20   Buy local from small businesses.

21   Give away or sell good-quality, second-hand goods cheap on TradeMe.

22   Donate towels/blankets to an animal shelter.

23   Let that car merge.

24   Pick some flowers for memorials at your local cemetery.

25   Don’t ask for change at your local market.

26   Leave an encouraging note on a stranger’s windshield.

27   Thank your library volunteers and ask them for book recommendations.


For Your Friends

28   Pass on an encouraging Bible verse.

29   Be a listening ear.

30   High-fives and hugs!

31   Reconnect with somebody you haven’t messaged recently.

32   Encourage a friend to pursue their dream and ask if they need help getting started.

33   Make them laugh!

34   Invite a friend over for dinner.

35   Compile a playlist of music from important times you’ve shared together, songs that remind you of them, or just good ol’ tunes to motivate them through exams.

36   Fill out their online research survey which they’ve asked people to complete.

37   Send handwritten letters or cards.

38   Organise a picnic.

39   Watch their pet over the holidays.

40   Give them a lift (carpooling benefits the environment too!).

41   Be their exam study buddy.

42   Offer your last piece of gum.

43   Reach out in person or private message to that Facebook friend who is always posting.

44   Give your kids extra (healthy) snacks to share with the schoolkid whose lunchbox isn’t full.

45   Create an email address for a friend. Over time, send emails to this address about their achievements, fun moments together and other positive vibes. If you want, get other people to contribute too. One day, pass on the email address and password to them.


For Your Family

46   Get up first to make coffee/breakfast.

47   Draw or write a message in your sibling’s workbook for them to find at school.

48   On a hot day, pop jugs or bottles of water into the fridge for everyone.

49   Wash their cars on the weekend.

50   Offer to run an errand for them while you’re out and about.

51   Leave sticky notes around the house with fun quotes, jokes and encouragements.

52   If they ask you for help, teach a family member something—patiently.

53   Restock the tea bags or coffee.

54   Help with chores during a busy week.

55   Write a list of things you love about your parents.

56   Do the dishes without being asked.

57   Don’t interrupt.

58   Walk the dog—but also make time to play or cuddle with them.

59   Clean out the fridge/pantry and throw away expired goods.

60   Put your phone away when you’re eating or hanging out together.


For Your Workplace

61    Bring in baked goods to share.

62    Take five minutes to share a funny story.

63    If you hear workplace gossip, break it up by saying something nice.

64    Leave a positive recommendation for your co-worker on LinkedIn.

65    Buy a puzzle (tip: check your local Family Store!) for your team to complete.

66    Leave coloured pencils and a colouring book in the staff room for stress relief.

67    Send anonymous flowers to your receptionist.

68    Bring in surplus herbs or veggies from your garden.

69    Help with time-consuming tasks, like filing or admin.

70    Tidy up the stationery cupboard, scrub the deep fryer or organise the cabinets—whatever is your workplace’s equivalent dreaded task.

71    Keep a cheap, spare umbrella handy to lend someone on a rainy day.

72    Tell your boss when one of your co-workers goes the extra mile.

73    Leave sticky notes with positive messages on your workplace’s fridge or bathroom mirrors.

74    Thank your cleaning crew…

75   …and keep your workspace tidy!


For the World

76    Clean up litter.

77    Buy a Just Gifts Baby Bundle for new mothers in Papua New Guinea (

78    Write to a person in need (you’ll find plenty of opportunities online, like More Love Letters).

79    Register for The Salvation Army’s Senior Services Programme.

80    Donate blood.

81    Lift up your loved ones and the world in prayer.

82    Register as an organ donor.

83    Email or leave a message on social media for an author whose book you’ve enjoyed.

84    Take a photograph for families or tourists…

85    …and if they ask you for directions, help them and share local tips.

86    At Christmas-time, put together an Operation Christmas Child shoebox.

87    Stop and listen to a busker—appreciate their talent and give them a few coins.

88    Research a topic—like climate change, slavery or indigenous rights—to be more informed so that your actions can have a better impact.

89    Knit toys, clothing or blankets for hospitals, hospices or shelters.

90    Smile—it’s contagious.

91   Don’t write that negative social media comment.


For Yourself

92    Take a 15 minute break.

93    Let go of a long-time grudge.

94    Get a good night’s sleep.

95    Pursue a new hobby.

96    Don’t complain—this will lift your spirit.

97    Write yourself an encouraging letter. Put it away or get someone to hide it. You can re-read it on a bad day for a positive boost.

98    Write down three to five things you are grateful for each day.

99   When that nasty voice in your head weighs you down, reimagine it speaking in a silly voice.


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