Amplify 2020 Article

Kia ora, bula vinaka, mālō e lelei, talofa lava… greetings.

I was talking to a colleague officer recently who asked me an excellent question: ‘Why should I send my people to MORE Conference?’ What followed was a great time of discussion, and while I ultimately convinced my colleague that sending his people to our annual Territorial Children’s and Youth Leadership Conference is a good idea, I thought I’d unpack it further here. Why should you invest in your people to get them to our annual MORE Conference?

When Jesus gave the command to ‘go and make disciples’ (Matthew 28), he signalled something very important—we are in the people business. This means that we are not only to care for and nurture people, but we are called to develop them as well, which is a core discipleship principle. Developing people means that we need to help them become the best leaders that they can be in the right shape for them. So, in an ideal world every leader, whether employed or volunteer, should have a development track designed specifically for them locally that they are intentionally encouraged along. The MORE Conference is designed specifically to compliment local leadership development, or where there is no intentional local development track, to at least provide something.

In addition to this, there are a number of big reasons to send your people along. Firstly, it is always good to encourage your people to meet with other like-minded people and industry peers. The MORE Conference brings people together from different geographical areas who share a common interest and it is a great way to meet others who work in the same discipline. Attending helps leaders to broaden their networks, uncover new learnings, reinforce best practices and promote a deeper understanding. We also aim to solidify relationships by having a ton of fun.

Secondly, you might have a group of leaders who volunteer their hearts out who will never be on a payroll due to your local financial circumstances. However, helping them get to MORE Conference is a great way to show your appreciation and encourage them which will have a positive local spinoff back in your home setting. And of course, the ideal scenario, while not always possible, is to come along as a team and journey through the weekend together. This is often a great motivation for teams and can ultimately reinvigorate some excitement.

As a final thought, thanks to COVID 19, 2020 was a messy year. It has now been two years since we have come together in person as children’s and youth ministry leaders. This year’s theme of ‘Growing Through It’ aims to help us acknowledge what we’ve been through retrospectively while simultaneously looking to the future through a lens of growth. There are always challenges arising, whether they’re related to COVID-19 or not, and in these challenging times we’re forced to innovate, create, and grow. Let’s learn from each other, share stories and knowledge, support one another, and grow through it together.

We can’t wait to see you at MORE Conference 2021!


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