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The Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal is coming up from 1 - 7 May 2017. This is such a crucial fundraiser for the Army, helping to fund our network of Community Ministries welfare centres across New Zealand.

What it's all for:

The Salvation Army helps New Zealanders through the tough times and offers them some of the choices that many of us take for granted. When people come to us for help with food because their household budget has become impossibly stretched, often we’re able to wrap entire packages of care around them. Last year The Salvation Army helped more than 120,000 New Zealanders in need with meals, food parcels, supportive accommodation, counselling, addiction services, budget advice, education, employment training and much more.

Money donated through the Red Shield Appeal helps fund all these types of services and centres.

Playing your part:

Your choice to help can make an incredible difference in the lives of everyday New Zealanders. You can help out by signing up to help collect, by being willing to drop buckets off/be a run-around, raising awareness or simply by giving a donation! We reckon it would be awesome to have as many young people involved as possible! Chat to your Corps Officer or Appeal coordinator for more info and to sign up!

Help catch Kiwis falling into desperate need - be a Red Shield Appeal Street Collector!