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People can get pretty freaky when something new is introduced into their environment. Recently, here in the Wellington region, we had a whale come and stay in the Wellington harbour for a bit over a week. What was an already beautiful and busy harbour, all of a sudden became a crazy hive of activity, filled with people just trying to get a glimpse and a blurry photo of this whale. Of course, it didn’t stay ‘the whale’ for very long. In a very short amount of time he was named Tyler Matariki. Then everyone was like, ‘why the flip is he Tyler?’ So the Tyler part was dropped and he was just called Matariki. There was a Facebook page called ‘Matariki the Wellington whale’, in which someone posted statuses and photos pretending to be Matariki, such as, “Can you spot me today?” The page attracted over 13,000 followers. People were stopping their cars on a four lane highway so that they could try and get a photo. Let the stupidity of that settle in your brain: grown adults stopping their car on a 100km/h, four lane highway, putting theirs and everyone else’s safety in danger, so they could try and get a photo of an animal.

Let’s suppose Matariki stayed in the Wellington harbour for the rest of its life. How long do you reckon it would take people to get bored of it? A month? Six months? Eventually the excitement would wear away for most people and it would become a trivial matter that everyone kinda just knew. The only people who would still get excited would be the people who invested themselves in this whale on a regular basis.

This same principle can be applied to what we would call ‘back sliding’. Some people have incredible encounters with God and they just can’t wait until the next time they get to pray and read their Bible. Then two weeks later they are living their lives as if they had never met God. I will be the first person to stand up and point my finger at myself as being guilty of this.

When we have an encounter with God it is so important that we continue to fellowship with him or else we will become like the bored whale people. The newness of the experience will wear away, and you will end up just living your life with God in the harbour and you living out your crazy busy life all around him, but not with him. You will know that God is there, but when you don’t strive to continue your relationship with God, you become a bored whale person, striving after your own passions and desires and not seeking out God and his will for you, which is so individually and specifically designed just for you!

Be an active whale person, not a bored one. Matthew 13:1-23.