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There’s a popular song doing the rounds in New Zealand Christian circles at the moment. It is a song by Link called ‘Tuhia’. I’ve fallen in love with this song over the past few weeks. Here are the lyrics:

Tuhia ki te rangi
(Write it in the sky)
Tuhia ki te whenua
(Write it in the land)
Tuhia ki te ngākau o ngā Tāngata katoa
(Write it in the hearts of all People)

There is but one love
And it is your love
Ko te mea nui
(The most important thing)
Ko te aroha
(Is love)

Your love has freed us
And we're free indeed
Spoken to our pain
Revealing hope again

I love many things about this song. I love its use of Te Reo in the same verse. It’s not just Te Reo verse and then English chorus. It incorporates both languages in the same chorus.

I love the message of this song because it correctly identifies that love comes only from one source–love himself: God. The only reason we know how to love is because we have been made in the image of Love, and we have first been loved by God. It was love that drove God to create us and to create the world we live in. It was love that sent Jesus to the cross to rectify the mistake that we made as humans. It is love that drives God to continue to call us back into relationship with him when we screw up. It is, always has been and always will be love that has been what God is about. I am not diminishing God into a box. With God we have perfect grace, justice, mercy and many other things, but it is love which has flowed down from God that is the source of love.

I love that this song is a call to action. Write it everywhere! Write it in the skies and in the earth and from the street and in the classroom and in the home! There is one love! God’s love! God’s love is such an important message. People need to know that God loves them. On the way home from youth group, when I’m doing drop-offs, the boys call out from the van to people walking around, “Jesus loves you!” I like that. Many people in Western culture believe God is an angry god who is just waiting for people to do something bad so he can reign down his judgement upon them. This is just not true. God is forgiving by nature, just waiting for us to come back into his family; waiting for us to reach back to Him.

‘We love God because he first loved us.’