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How would you define “courage”?

Teacher John Piper defines courage as so:

“Christian courage is the willingness to say and do the right thing regardless of the earthly cost, because God promises to help you and save you on account of Christ”

Christians need courage.

I look to David in the Bible as a character who shows an enormous amount of courage and confidence, not in himself, but in God.

David was deeply confident in God, and it was through only Him that he gained his courage to take down the mighty Goliath. Goliath was a big scary dude, don’t get me wrong, but David’s confidence in God was bigger and stronger than Goliath could ever be.

In this day and age, it can seem like we have many “Goliaths” hanging over our lives, trying to stop us in our tracks with Christ. It is at this point where people, including myself at times, can often forget to even look to God for help and instead, try to fix the problem on our own. This is just never enough. Christ is the biggest source of power and strength that we could ever have; through Him we can do anything. Sometimes it's just a matter of being confident in God and his plan for us that makes all the difference in our lives.

The “Goliaths” in your life can be slain like David’s, but only through faith.

Dig deep into God and His Word. I see the Bible as the greatest weapon God has given us to use in times of need. The courage to slay our Goliaths won’t come from ourselves and our own self confidence. The courage and strength we need can only come from the confidence we have in God and the promises he’s made to us for our lives.