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I recently realised that we have many things that simplify our work, from calculators to computers, information straight from the internet, advanced communication systems, etc. I work in the finance department, yet I don’t need to wreck my brain adding up all the numbers. I can always use my calculator or computer system to help me work faster.

I remember reading an article that was published a long time ago. The paper looked old and the content sounded like the article was from the 1960s. I guess it was the blog of those days. The article was talking about the computer. The development of computers was starting to gain momentum at that time, and the theme of the story was how time will be saved because of them. The writer seemed to be confident that in the future, people will have much more free time and will be less busy because computers could simplify work dramatically.

Let’s fast forward from then to now, 2018. Do we have plenty of free time? Are we saving so much time that we can have all the relaxation we want? Far from it! We are actually very busy. I don’t really know how busy because there is nothing I can compare it to, but if you ask me if I have plenty of free time, I would reply, ‘Only if I choose to’.

I used to work in a bank. I liked the job and enjoyed it. I enjoyed being busy at work, because I didn’t have any family commitment. I could leave really late, and I didn’t mind not getting overtime pay at all. So, yeah, I chose busyness.

I’m sure there are many situations where people cannot choose to be less busy. But just as modern things/gadgets simplify our work and save time, our lifestyle can be simplified too, in order to achieve the same thing.

I heard about a minimalist community where they live in small houses and don’t own many things. The most common things they say about being minimalist is that they save more money and more time. Money because they spend less when buying, and time because they don’t need to maintain many things or pursue more money.

Do we want to have more free time? Maybe all we have to do is simplify – whether it’s our lifestyle, material needs, activities, choices, etc. And imagine how much saved time we could use on our families and friends instead. They are the ones who make our life more valuable and meaningful, and we are the same to them too.