I saw something of Facebook recently that got me thinking when I was writing this blog. A friend of mine made a comment about the amount of people that were so pumped to be going to see Adele in Australia.

I heard on the radio that there was some record breaking crowd of 90,000 people at a stadium seeing the Adele concert in Sydney. This actually blew my mind. Not only that there were that many people in one area but the fact that they were all so excited to even get a glimpse of her and to hear her sing (which let’s be real, is amazing). Adele came to NZ last week and I know so many people who made the trip to Auckland to go, which is awesome.

What this got me thinking about is this. People will do almost anything to get a glimpse of Adele or to hear her sing. In the days when Jesus was on earth, he had a similar effect on people. He would attract crowds of thousands of people, who would gather just to get a glimpse of him and to hear what he had to say.

Sadly, sometimes these days I feel like (and I’m totally talking to myself here first and foremost) people are so excited to get a glimpse of someone who is famous or to hear what they have to say (or sing in the case of Adele). But at times, as Christians, or not, Jesus and the power of his word doesn’t have the same effect. We find it a hassle or burden to spend time with God daily, or to get up early on a Sunday morning to go to church. In contrast we would do, like I say, almost anything to get to a concert or see a famous person. It could be life changing experience.

I challenge you, and myself, to be excited to hear and receive from Jesus, it could be a life changing experience. To have passion and excitement and to do almost anything we can to ensure that we are hearing from him and encountering him. I challenge you to be like one of those early Christians who would do anything to see Jesus, or to take that excitement and ‘would do anything to see Adele’ attitude and channel it into your relationship with Christ and see what happens.