Barriers to Blessings

I’m not sure if you are having one of those weeks. When you feel completely overwhelmed by the things around you – Relationships, Finances, Study, Work – you name it. We’ve all been there.

Well I have times in my life when I struggle with the barriers that I’ve run into whether they be self-inflicted or brought on by other means. I felt led to watch a sermon online and I found the link below.

Pastor Steven Furtick is an extremely dynamic preacher but in this particular message he hits the nail on the head. He preached on the passages I read that day!
God is good aye.

I urge you to drop everything now and watch the clip below (or find the time too straight away).

You won’t regret it. I know that your life will change. Mine certainly did.

Our God is a life changer, a way maker and barrier transformer. 

Hey, sing it louder now!

I was reflecting on my week so far when my thoughts were rudely interrupted by the new song we’re using in kids ministry. It’s happened before; brain flooded with music and lyrics unheeded and usually at the worst of times. But it wasn’t until this moment that I’ve ever considered the impact of the above mentioned torrent. Why that song, what was I doing, had I heard it today, yesterday, this week? What did it shove out of my thoughts?

Back track to the first time it injected itself, a one on one discipleship meeting.

Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.

I was definitely struggling to focus, grace was much needed, and you know it’s hard to give grace to others, to see the creation God made them if you can’t see your own need for grace?
Corps weekly prayer meeting!

I once was lost but now I’m found was blind but now I see.

Lots of prayer for London, I could actually feel my brain sliding into auto-pilot when the song struck again! Prayer for the lost, prayer for the fearful, prayer for those hurt or missing...right back on track.

Praise the Lord, praise praise the Lord!

The Bible tells us to praise God at all times, in all things, when it’s good, when it’s bad, when you really don’t feel like praising!

Hey sing it louder now!

There’s another verse but my brain never gets to it. I believe the message I’m receiving is be gracious, be grateful, keep praising.

So what about you? What’s stuck in your head? And is it possible that there’s an actual reason it strikes when it does?