Life's Meaning

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I enjoy watching movies. If I have free time and have to think of something to do, movies would be one of my top choices. If the current ones are no good, I’ll look for good classics, even if I have watched them already.

As I reflect on the movie Gladiator, I mostly remember its theme song. It kept playing on and on in my head way after the movie ended. I didn’t remember the lyrics, but the music seemed to be soothing to me. So from time to time, and even now, I like to search for and listen to that music. I always believed that the lyrics were in Latin or some ancient language because I couldn’t understand them, and also because the movie was about a gladiator during the Roman Empire.

One day, just a couple years ago, I decided to search the meaning of the song’s lyrics. To my shock, I found out the composers had made up the lyrics. The lyrics sounded like words, sounded like a language, but they were all made up, which means the lyrics don’t have any meaning at all. So what was the purpose? The composers could have just composed the music without any lyrics. It seemed like a waste of time to create meaningless lyrics.

I think our lives can be like those lyrics, and just like in the theme song, sometimes we don’t understand the meaning, or maybe some things don’t have meaning at all, and we ask, “What’s the purpose?”

The theme song completes the movie, and the lyrics make the song more alive. I don’t think I will ever know why the composers decided to use meaningless lyrics (at least to me they’re meaningless), but to the composers, I’m sure they have their reasons and only they can understand. So, if there are times when we feel like our life is meaningless, maybe it’s not meaningless after all. It may just be that we don’t understand the purpose from our point of view.

Here are some of the lyrics from The Gladiator theme song:

La la da pa da le na da na

Ve va da pa da le na la dumda

Looking at these lyrics, I still raise my eyebrows and say, “What in the world are those words?” But these lyrics are part of a beautiful song, and I think this good movie would be left hanging and incomplete without this unique theme song.

I Can't Do This

Alex Blog

What would be the biggest mountain you have faced in your life? Did you choose to climb it or did you let fear take over?

For the past few months, I have been living with my friend and her two children, a 5 and an 8 year old. They are the cutest boys, and they love to read and write. The other day I decided to take them to a park and give them a run around before dinner. They were both really enjoying themselves, but what surprised me the most is what came out of both of their mouths: “I can’t do this”, and “I’m too scared”.

When they said that I then encouraged them to try to climb up onto the flying fox and also come down the big slide. I told them that they were safe and I was looking after them the entire time. They were both always safe but had to trust me and believe in themselves. The boys may have both been scared, but knowing I was there helped them climb up to the activity they wanted to play on.

They were then so happy to have gone down the slide and flying fox. The boys were scared but overcame that fear and came out better off for accomplishing it. It then got me thinking about myself and others out there who have struggled or might currently be struggling at the moment. For myself, I have been struggling to climb to the top of the mountain that was placed in front of me.

I was pretty much repeating what the young boys were saying - “I can’t do this”, and “I’m too scared to try”. I wasn’t willing to try and climb this mountain. I wanted to give up and hibernate in my room for the rest of my life. But I have too many people who care about me to let me do that. With the push of my friends and family, I had to find a way to overcome this mountain in my way.

But, most importantly, I have a God who has always been there and has never left my side. Knowing I had no where left to go, I prayed and gave everything to God. He gave me the strength I needed to climb the mountain that had been standing in my way. He gave me the peace I had needed and longed for.

I then thought about my experience with the boys at the park again. They were me, not believing in themselves, and I was acting like God, being with them the whole time. It’s weird how something so small like playing at a park could remind you of something big in your life.

What obstacles are you facing in your life right now? No matter what is going on, whether it’s good or bad, just remember that God is always right there holding your hand through it all. I want to challenge you all to do something that scares you. Climb that mountain, speak in front of a crowd, sing your heart out so people can hear. Then enjoy, smile and be proud that you did it.