neighboursday content17Take time to turn your streets into neighbourhoods!

Hurihia nga ara hei tui i te ata noho a te tangata

Fill the gas bottle, put the jug on, and gather your neighbours. It’s time for a celebration to build some neighbourly spirit! Let’s all take the next step in getting to know our neighbours.

What's it about?

Neighbours Day Aotearoa is on Saturday 25 - Sunday 26 March 2017 and is about celebrating the importance of neighbourliness in our streets and neighbourhoods. Growing and strengthening friendships in our streets will help make our neighbourhoods healthier, safer and more fun places to live for all of us.

Kiwis are renowned for our hospitality, so come on New Zealand; let's celebrate our neighbourliness – everyone can be involved! And this is totally right up our Sally alley, we're all about connecting, sharing and reaching people - so let's get out and do it!

So, what can you do?

Start now! Get your street or whole community together to start planning what you'll do together for Neighbours Day Aotearoa in your streets, and how to spread the word in your region.

Mark 25-26 March on the calendar. Knock on doors with home-baking, bring out the back-yard cricket, lean over the fence for a chat, or spark up the BBQ and invite the neighbours – there are many things you can do.

Head to the site and download a whole lot of free resources to help you out!

It just takes one person to get things going in a street. Please help spread the word about Neighbours Day Aotearoa 2017 to your workmates, friends, family and of course – your neighbours. And remember, every day is a good day to be a good neighbour! Let's spread the love of Jesus in our communities - it only takes simple steps to make a huge difference, get out there!

For more info and resources, check out: