Bible Month 17

Bible Month is all about encouraging people to set aside a special time to focus on, and engage with, the Bible. This year's Bible Month is July and the theme this year is The Bible: Good for Life. Good for Life is all about equipping Christians with the tools they need to ensure the Bible remains an important part of their faith.

Bible Society NZ believe it's pretty important to pass on the Bible to the next generation of New Zealanders and are encouraging everyone to get involved this year.

Bible Month is a perfect time to get more engaged with the Bible and experience the transformation that regular engagement with it brings. Join us to celebrate Bible Month as a church, with your home group, your family and friends, or on your own.

As an individual: take time during Bible Month to get deeper into the Bible. Share it with friends, family or on facebook.

As a group: Use Bible Society's resources for a fresh approach to the Bible in your home group, with your family or with your friends.

As a church: Hold a Bible Month service at your church, celebrating the importance of the Bible and help raise money to provide Bibles for children and young people in New Zealand.

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