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The Salvation Army's mission all over the world depends on our support - have you thought about this year's Self Denial Appeal?

This year's appeal is coming up soon, Self Denial Sunday on 27 August, so it's really important to get your head around what it's all about and start thinking about your offering for this year.

The Story

The Self Denial Appeal is The Salvation Army's annual appeal to raise funds for Salvation Army mission and ministry in countries that are unable to financially support themselves.

It’s called Self Denial because the concept is about us sacrificing just a small portion of all we have and giving it to others that need it. It’s a call to live more simply, so that others may simply live.

The idea came about in the early Army days when an officer chose to go without pudding for a year and give that money to Army work instead. The original term ‘OWSOMS’ challenged us to offer One Weeks Salary On Missionary Service – which is a huge but really cool challenge.

There is a huge need for all of us to get involved with this; often some countries' mission is only achievable through the money raised through the appeal!

How does the money get used?

All the money raised through Self Denial is sent to our International Headquarters in London, and they send ALL the money DIRECTLY to where the needs are. There are no administration costs or other bits and pieces taken out - everything goes straight to countries that desperately need it.

Every little bit helps so take time to consider how much you could give to this year's Appeal.

Let's journey together!

Self Denial has already kicked off - with videos being shown at corps each Sunday leading up to Self Denial Sunday. This year we've created specific Self Denial content just for us young guys to go with the videos! We've created a short talk/bible study for you which is available online - ask your youth leader about it!

Click here to download a copy of the Youth bible study material

For more info, head to the Self Denial home at