Southern YC 17Southern Division’s Youth Councils is always a highlight on the calendar and this year’s camp, entitled ‘Seize the Day’, exceeded expectations. One hundred and forty youth, leaders and officers invaded Living Springs Camp and Conference Centre eager to see what God would do over the weekend.

The Roman-themed camp involved daily gladiator challenges, worship, testimonies, Bible teaching and enough food to feed an army—literally. Captains Kylie and Stuart Tong, along with Majors David Moody and Ivan Bezzant, were guest speakers.

Youth were challenged that to seize anything of God and for God, they needed to be available and open to ‘being seized’. They can also seize (or influence) others with what they have. And when they think they have nothing to offer, that’s when God’s ready to give them what they need and use what they have.

As Divisional Commander, Ivan brought the final challenge of the weekend, calling young people to stand up as warriors and soldiers begin the fight for God in their local schools, universities and communities. No one can be a soldier without some form of commitment, covenant and deal being made, so Ivan encouraged people to be seen and seize the day. He referred to 1 Timothy 4:12 as a challenge to not wait or sit back because of their youth, but to rise up now. ‘Carpe diem, seize the day!’

In one session, all plans went out the window as the Holy Spirit began to move powerfully. And instead of a sermon being preached, it was an incredible time of ministry and encounter with God. Faith conversations were happening around the room, with people praying in groups and others soaking in God’s presence.

Everyone received a bright red hoodie as a visual reminder that wherever they went, they could stand out and be bold in their love for Jesus and others. Lots of testimonies highlighted how God had challenged people in their journeys during the weekend, or inspired them with a new vision or path to take.

Major Alison Moody (Divisional Youth Secretary) said she was ‘stoked’ with the weekend’s impact. She praised the many great leaders who stepped up to give their support and everyone’s openness to the Holy Spirit. With 20 of the 23 corps in the Southern Division represented, it’s fair to say Southern Division really is seizing the day!