Self Denial 2018 Article

The Self Denial Appeal, which kicks off on July 22 and concludes with Self Denial Sunday on August 26, is The Salvation Army's annual appeal to raise funds for Salvation Army mission and ministry in countries where they're unable to financially support themselves.


The Story

It’s called Self Denial because it’s about us sacrificing a portion of what we have and giving it to others who need it more – it’s a call to live more simply so that others may simply live.

The idea came about in the early Army days when an officer chose to go without pudding for a year and give the money that he saved to Army work instead. General William Booth launched the first Self Denial Appeal in 1886, and since 1969, Salvationists have been challenged to give one week’s salary to the appeal. This may be difficult for many people, but the money we give can have an incredible impact on the lives of the people it goes to.


Where Does the Money Go?

All the money raised through Self Denial is sent to our International Headquarters in London, and they send ALL the money directly where the needs are. There are no administration costs or other bits and pieces taken out – everything goes straight to countries that desperately need it!

This year's appeal features stories of how The Salvation Army has been able to help people through the Self Denial Appeal in Indonesia, Georgia, Haiti, and Tanzania. You can check out the videos of these stories along with other information and resources at


We Rise As One

The theme of this year’s Self Denial Appeal is ‘We Rise As One’, so with that in mind, we want to encourage you to join with those who are giving to the appeal by contributing what you’re able to. As you consider this, remember that what might seem like a small offering can make a huge difference in someone else’s life.

You can also show your support on Facebook by adding the Self Denial Facebook frame to your profile pic! Go to and search 'SelfDenialNZFT'.


Youth leaders, check out the youth Bible study series we produced for the 2018 Self Denial Appeal here.