The youth Department have created a four-part Bible study series on generosity to accompany this year's Self Denial Appeal.

It's been created with a weekly small group/life group/Bible study in mind, and we've listed the dates that it would be ideal to use each study with your group. This is flexible though, and you're welcome to pick and choose sessions or content to suit your particular group.

As the series is on generosity, and much of the material doesn't specifically relate to the Self Denial Appeal, you could also use this outside of the appeal timeframe with some slight modifications.


Click the session title to open and download that week's material:

Session 01: Generous Because of God | Intended for use the week of July 29 - Aug 4

Session 02: Generous as a Young Person | Intended for use the week of Aug 5 - Aug 11

Session 03: Generous to Those in Need | Intended for use the week of Aug 12 - Aug 18

Session 04: Generous with What You Have | Intended for use the week of Aug 19 - Aug 25


The 2018 Self Denial videos can be downloaded here:


Each corps was sent some postcard size handouts for their young people. If you don't have any, or you want to print some more, you can download them here:

SDA18 Youth Postcard A No Crops 1SDA18 Youth Postcard B No Crops 1