Fiji Sports Day Article

It was a very bright, sunny day in the western part of Fiji as youth from the Fiji Division gathered together for this long-awaited sports day. Seven corps from West, one corps from East (Nasinu Corps) and a team from the School for Officer Training, with the training officers, competed.

The day started with a devotion from Divisional Youth Secretary, Lieutenant Seru Napolioni. He shared from Proverbs 16:25 about the importance of making the right choices in life and how there are ways that may seem right to us but can lead to DEATH!

The inclusion of Major Racheal-lee Kendrick and Major Marika Serevi boosted the morale of the young people as they watched them playing and mingled around. Seru received a tremendous gift from Racheal-lee as she sponsored a trophy which was named after her (Kendrick Trophy).

It was indeed a beautiful day for our young people as they enjoyed their time together with youth from other corps. A big thanks to the Corps Officers for their wonderful, huge support of this day. There were some prizes prepared:

  • The Best Disciplined Corps - Saweni Corps
  • The Best Cheering Corps - Lautoka Corps
  • The Best Participating Corps - Nadi Corps
  • The Overall Winner (Kendrick Trophy) - Ba Corps

It was the last sports day for Seru and Ruci in their current appointments, along with Racheal-lee, and they were caught by surprise when the West Officers and the youth had secretly planned to farewell them. It was a great time together with the youth.