The Self Denial Appeal is The Salvation Army's annual appeal to raise funds for Salvation Army mission and ministry in places where they're unable to financially support themselves.


The Story

It’s called Self Denial because it’s about us sacrificing a portion of what we have and giving it to others who need it more – it’s a call to live more simply so that others may simply live.

The idea came about in the early Army days when an officer chose to go without pudding for a year and give the money that he saved to Army work instead. General William Booth launched the first Self Denial Appeal in 1886, and since 1969, Salvationists have been challenged to give one week’s salary to the appeal. This may be difficult for many people, but the money we give can have an incredible impact on the lives of the people it goes to.


Where Does the Money Go?

The money raised through Self Denial is sent to The Salvation Army's international headquarters in London, and they distribute ALL the money to the places it's needed. There are no administration costs or other bits and pieces taken out – everything goes straight to countries that desperately need it!

This year's appeal features stories of how The Salvation Army has been able to help people through the Self Denial Appeal in eSwatini, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar and Greenland.


Love Beyond

The theme of this year’s appeal is ‘Love Beyond’, which is all about how we can show God’s love beyond sickness, beyond difficult circumstances, beyond differences and beyond isolation. One way you can ‘love beyond’ is by giving to this year’s appeal and helping to change the lives of those otherwise beyond our reach.


Youth Study Series

The Youth Department has produced a four-week youth study series based on the stories featured in this year’s videos. It includes Bible readings and discussion questions relating to the different ways God’s love is being demonstrated in these countries despite the obstacles people face. It also includes some practical suggestions for exhibiting the same love in our own communities.

The intention is that the study would be used over the weeks leading up to Self Denial Sunday with young people being encouraged to, either individually or as a group, put aside some money to contribute to the appeal at the end of the series. For groups meeting weekly, the intended start time for the study is the week of July 26 - Aug 1, but please feel free to modify the material or the timeframe in which you use it to cater to your group.

The 2020 Self Denial videos can be viewed and downloaded here.