The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory is divided up into geographical areas called Divisions. Each Division has a Youth Department, headed up by Divisional Youth Secretaries.

As well as local corps (church) events, each Division also runs events throughout the year. Click your Division below to check what’s going on or to find a corps near you.

northern small1


If you hang out at the top of North Island, way up sunny-north right down to the Super City, click here to check out what Mat and his team have got cooking for your area.



 midland small2 1MIDLAND DIVISION

If you're one of the crazy people living in the middle of the North Island from the 'Naki to the 'Stings, click here to see what Rob and his team have on the line-up for your area.



 Central div katherineCENTRAL DIVISION

If you choose to chill at the base of the North Island, anywhere from Wanganui to Masterton to Tawa, click here to find out all that the Central team have coming up for your area.



southern divsmall 1


If you dwell deep down in the mighty south, from the top to the bottom of the South Island, click here to see what Alison and her team have coming up in your area.



 tonga divsmall 1


If you prefer the island weather and live in Tonga, click here to check out what Filipe and his team have happening soon in your area.


Fiji div seru3FIJI DIVISION

If you love Island life and better weather, you're probably in Fiji, so click here to see what Seru and his team has going on for your area.



youthdept2 1


If you live in the best nook of the world-woods, reppin' it up big time in New Zealand, Fiji or Tonga, click here to find out what TYS Mat Badger and his team has simmering youth-wise in our territory.


What's what & who's who?

The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory is made up of five divisions and one region.

A 'division' refers to the group of corps (churches) and centres within a geographical area and simply helps organise the bigger structure.

Our five divisions are: Northern (upper North Island), Midland (middle North Island), Central (lower North Island), Southern (South Island) and Fiji (all Fiji islands). Tonga is included as a 'region', as it is slightly smaller.

Each division has an Officer who oversees all the youth work in that area. These cats are called Divisional Youth Secetaries, and do a whole heap of cool work. We also have a Territorial Youth Secretary who oversees the Territory's youth ministry; the big picture.

You're in safe hands, don't worry.