Naomi TeamMalo E Lelei and welcome to the Kingdom of Tonga! Filipe Saafi is the Regional Youth Secretary in Tonga. We are only a small Region, but we are blessed to be part of the wider territory (NZ, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa) and internationally. Each of our five Corps have their own youth leader and young people aged between 13 and 30. That is quite significant here in the islands. We have Youth rallies every 3 months and each youth group takes a turn to host the rally, but the youth leaders do all the preparation. Most of our young people stay home and help their parents with work at home or in the bush, planting taro, yams or watermelons. Hey, it's fun! The highlight of our year is Youth Councils at the end of November. Everybody looks forward to that weekend because it's a special time for some of them to be in an environment where spiritual and physical food are the main activities, topped up by some local sports and just having fun!


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