The Team

The NZFT territory's youth team has a pretty impressive line-up. All these cats do an amazing job with all things youth related - running programmes and events, looking after their flock and pretending to be young.

Check them out, read up on them a little and get to know them better. You could even print out their pictures and make collectable cards. Do it.



jo-team1Major Joanne Wardle

Territorial Youth Secretary

Joanne is the head honcho for youth in the NZFT territory. She has to sit through a lot of boring meetings but she also gets to hang out with an awesome bunch of young people around the territory. Jo likes power lifting (don't mess with her), 'slumming it' like a missionary and laughing at random things... she's like ya fun aunty so just call her Aunty Jo! 



Ben Maxwell

Youth Programme Coordinator

Ben is an all round good guy, who loves to keep organised, hit the gym and coordinate a whole bunch of programmes and events for youth and their leaders. Ben is also a true blue Aussie and loves hearing your aussie jokes - especially about the Wallabies...



Leslie D'Mello

Administrative Assistant

Leslie is the only person on THQ that knows what’s going on, and what he doesn't know he makes up. Without him, the youth department is like a confused huddle of penguins on a drifting iceburg. He's a bit of a cheeky bloke but is the kind of guy you’d want on your quiz team.



Kate Geddes

Youth Web Administrator - part time

Kate is a fun-loving, full of energy, top-quality lady with plenty of passion and bad music tastes to boot. Kate loves people and Jesus, which is the perfect combo really when you're employed in both the Youth and Children's Departments. Kate's drink of choice is a decaf mocha, don't judge.



Vanessa Singh

Mission Resource Developer - part time

Vanessa's main role in the Youth Department is to oversee Amplify as well as bring the style and class to the team. The majority of Vanessa's work is for another department but she just can't let go of youth ministry... even though the team tries to kick her out regularly.







Captain Mat Badger 

Divisonal Youth Secretary

Mat is married to Jules and they are Salvation Army officers having served in a range of appointments. Mat returns to the best team in the territory having previously been the Divisional Youth Secretary in Northern Division. Mat is an all round good guy with a great beard. Say hi to him when you see him around, and compliment him on his beard!




Major Robert Cope

Divisional Youth Secretary and Divisional Candidates Secretary

Rob is married to Julie and together they have three sons, Philip, Christopher (married to Aimee) and Andrew, and a daughter Hadassah AND, I know he doesn't look old enough, but two grand-daughters Gabriella and Madeleine (to Chris and Aimee). He is the oldest DYS in the territory (maybe history) but still loves seeing young people reach their full potential and helping their leaders.




Major Bronwyn Malcolm

Divisional Youth Secretary

Bronwyn is the perfect lady for the job - having raised three crazy kids into wonderful adults. Bronwyn is also into health and fitness, sewing and loves a good laugh. Challenge her to a arm wrestle; she'll totally beat you, while wearing a cape she sewed and laughing in your face!




alison-team3Major Alison Moody

Divisional Youth Secretary

Alison knows a thing or two about young people, raising three handsome young men and ministering to a million young people throughout her officership. Alison and her husband David are team players and love to travel the south island together and get into youth and children's ministry... while riding their Harley.




Lieutenant Pati Leqa

Divisional Youth Secretary

Landing the lucky job of doing all things youth related in Fiji, Pati and his wife, Lusi, get to travel around the islands and encourage all the youth and children. Pati has been involved in youth ministry over the years and with a bunch of kids of his own, Pati is definitely the right man for the job!




Filipe Saafi

Regional Youth Worker Intern

Filipe is a fun-loving, young Tongan dude who is always full of energy, jokes and crazy dance moves. Filipe loves young people and oversees the youth activities in Tonga, while making sure everyone is having a good time and getting their praise on.



What's what & who's who?

The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory is made up of five divisions and one region.

A 'division' refers to the group of corps (churches) and centres within a geographical area and simply helps organise the bigger structure.

Our five divisions are: Northern (upper North Island), Midland (middle North Island), Central (lower North Island), Southern (South Island) and Fiji (all Fiji islands). Tonga is included as a 'region', as it is slightly smaller.

Each division has an Officer who oversees all the youth work in that area. These cats are called Divisional Youth Secetaries, and do a whole heap of cool work. We also have a Territorial Youth Secretary who oversees the Territory's youth ministry; the big picture.

You're in safe hands, don't worry.


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