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One Wild Life: Spirit - Gungor

gungor-contentSpirit is the second in Gungor's One Wild Life series of records. Expanding vastly on their already eclectic range of influences, Spirit brings together a mash of styles, genres and moods that are almost inexplicably woven into a coherent, musically satisfying whole.

The most notable aspect of this record is that very little is ever repeated—songs evolve, shift and change, often moving through styles that eschew the typical verse/chorus/verse. While this has always been part of Gungor's style, the stream of consciousness style of ‘Wonder’ and ‘Whale’ really shows off this style of writing well.

The musically adventurous should jump on this record because there's a lot to explore here.

spirit-cdGenre: Alternative

Music: 4.5/5
Lyrics: 4.5/5
God Content: 3.5/5

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