Welcome to Midland Division!


Hey! Welcome to the Midland Division! Rob is married to Julie and together they have three sons, Philip (Auckland), Christopher (married to Aimee) and Andrew (Wellington), and a daughter Hadassah (Christchurch) AND, I know he doesn't look old enough, two grand-daughter Gabriella and Madeleine (to Chris and Aimee). He is the oldest  DYS in the territory (maybe history) but still loves seeing young people reach their full potential as they give themselves to God's purposes and helping their leaders be fruitful in their ministries.


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Midland Division

team-robMidland Division is the group of corps and centres around the middle of the North Island.

Major Rob Cope is the Divisional Youth Secretary for Midland Division.

- There are 18 corps here, so there will definitely be one near you.

- Midland run a bunch of events throughout the year so make sure you keep in the know.