Welcome to the Territorial Youth Department!


The Territorial Youth Department is the coolest department at THQ on Cuba Street in Wellington. Meet the team...

Joanne is the head honcho for youth in our territory. She's been involved in ministry for years and also likes power lifting and laughing at random things... she's like ya fun aunty so just call her Aunty Jo!

Leslie is the Youth Department granddad (he’s been here for twelve years!) and knows all there is to know about the youth scene, cricket and the best places to find curry in Wellington.

Ben is our resident Australian, who loves to be organised and entertain the department at break time with good (yet to be proved) dancing and quality banter. If you're interested in a political coversation or anything to do with youth programme he's your go to guy. 

Kate is our all round bad dancing, bad singing youth department member. She occasionally takes oversized wall planners to meetings and likes to keep organised. Ever wondered who Sally Firezone is? Ask her and she might be able to tell you... 

Vanessa is our second longest serving youth department member. She's got a wealth of knowledge on all things youth. She brings class to the department and thinks (yet to be proved as well) that she has the best moves on the d-floor.

Come in and visit, chat with us at an event, or say hi online!

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Territorial Youth

jo-team1The Territorial Youth Department oversee the youth ministry across the NZFT Territory.

Major Joanne Wardle is the Territorial Youth Secretary for the NZFT Territory.

- The Territorial Youth Department run a few events throughout the year so make sure you keep in the know.