Pastoral Approach is Essential


- Manasa Natera 

It has been a busy week dealing with the next year’s budget and I am looking forward to a holiday in the Bahamas. Let's say, I'm dreaming and its wishful thinking. Often at times when you are caught up in the busyness, there is always an element of distraction bound to happen. We either, remove ourselves from the busyness and focus on the distraction before it escalates, or else vice-versa.

See! The distraction to me is what I call negatives found in a group of people. Life is already busy when you are living in a culture of consumerization. If you are not aware of this, then it is either you are living in the past or your still day dreaming. Leaving in the culture where people have a take! take! attitude. It almost feels like they have an entitlement or they have the right to have it. And at times, it consumes us and we got side track from steering the ship towards its final destination. Could there be a reason why people got distracted?

How can we encounter this distraction? "To be brutally honest with you I don’t like to deal with distraction because it is already distracting me". Let say I have to deal with it, a pastoral approach to the situation is necessary. Sometimes as a leader we don’t get this right. That’s because of our overwhelming workload and when distraction knocks on our doors. We toss away the fruit of the spirit aside and grab hold of the fruit of the spar. I have learnt that there is no need to fight back. But if you want to fight, then fight with love. The rest joy, peace, kindness etc, will fall in place.

Love Without Conditions

- Rebecca Howan

It was one of those days where I just wasn't feeling great about life... a mixture of thinking I was perhaps getting sick, being extraordinarily tired, and generally feeling sad and melancholic for no particular reason. Do we all have those days or is it just me? 

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