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Big Week at BMAC 2017

The Territorial Youth Department is excited to offer scholarships to the Big Week at BMAC - a leadership development opportunity for women. It will be held 21-28 April 2017.

This course will provide participants with opportunities to both challenge and stretch themselves physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. The course will set out from the Blue Mountain Adventure Centre in Raurimu, and will be guided and resourced by their expert staff. Activities on the Big Week could include tramping, mountain biking, rafting and canoeing and the delegates will be required to camp together overnight. Both during and following these physical activities participants will be challenged to reflect on how they are coping individually and as a group. This will also be an opportunity to explore questions of their faith and leadership. Major Bronwyn Malcolm and one BMAC staff member will be with the group at all times to help the delegates in their reflection. Other staff from BMAC will also assist on certain activities as required.

This experience is best suited to people with prior leadership experience. While there is no specific age restriction, the criteria and selection will be based on the applicants prior leadership experience.

Please find attached the scholarship application form & the BMAC medical form.

Application cut off date is 31st March 2017.

Click here for a scholarship application form

Click here for a medical form