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Te Reo Māori is a huge part of the Māori culture and identity. Incorporating Te Reo Māori into your activities, your buildings and everyday interaction can play a huge part in encouraging biculturalism and building relationships. It's also really handy to have some te reo knowledge at formal functions and when spending time with Māori youth, plus it's a really cool sounding language - why not learn some?!

There are a lot of cool ways to start incorporating  te reo Māori into your life - check out some resources and ideas below.


Māori Language Websites

There's a lot of cool stuff on these web sites so have a look around! www.maorilanguage.net | www.tewikiotereomaori.co.nz


Language Games Website

Fun for all ages! www.digitaldialects.com/Maori


Waiata and Language Videos

This is quite a cool Youtube channel if you're into spending hours and hours watching videos (we know you are, don't deny it!). Here you'll find a heap of waiatas and short language lessons. www.youtube.com/TalkMaori 


Other Resources

There's a bunch of other ways to pick up or refresh your knowledge of the Māori language:

- Check your local papers, or contact local schools to see if there are any Te Reo Māori classes going on near you.

- Check your public library for any language books.

- Watch the Māori channel all day, every day!

- Ask someone you know to share their knowledge with you.


Learn Your Mihimihi

This is really simple to do and is a really useful thing to know. Your mihimihi is basically your story in the form of an introductory speech which takes place at the beginning of a gathering after the more formal pōwhiri. Mihimihi establish links with other people present. It involves individuals standing to introduce themselves by sharing their whakapapa (genealogy, ancestral ties) and other relevant information. Check out this website for a really helpful step by step guide to learning you mihimihi. www.korero.maori.nz/forlearners/protocols/mihimihi


Learn Some Waiata

Waiata or songs and chants are an important part of Māori culture. The words and expressions preserve the wisdom and knowledge of ancestors. There are many forms of waiata used for different purposes including oriori (lullabies), waiata tangi (laments), waiata aroha (songs of love), ngeri (a type of chant), manawawera (a form of challenge) and waiata poi (poi songs). Check out this website for more information and some examples to get you started. folksong.org.nz/waiata


Learn Some Karakia

Karakia are Māori prayers. We'll have some information about karakia and how to use them soon!


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