Salvation Army Youth Work Training
The Salvation Army currently offers three youth work training models: Foundations of Youth Work, Youth Work LAB Apprenticeship and Youth Work Distance Apprenticeship.


bcm-contentBooth College of Mission
The Salvation Army Booth College of Mission consists of the School for Officer Training, the School of Bible and Mission, the Centre for Leadership Development, Youth Mission Training and an on-site Early Childhood Education Centre.


Praxis is a network of practitioners who support people who support the development of young people in their communities. The network operates across the Pacific, New Zealand and in Australia.


laidlaw-contentLaidlaw College
Laidlaw College is determined to train people of influence who will bring the clarity of grace and wisdom to the issues of the world. This is carried out through the following schools; Theology, Mission and Ministry, Education, Counselling, and their Graduate School.


Carey Baptist College
Carey is more than just a place to gain a quality theological education; it’s a place to be part of a fun and caring community. Carey is also great for people just wanting to learn more about the Bible and theology.They offer a wide variety of study options, so check them out.


Project Adventure NZ
Project Adventure NZ offers training workshops designed for leaders and facilitators interested in using dynamic, interactive methods of developing individuals and groups and who are looking to develop their facilitation skills.



Churches Education Commission
CEC has two main focuses to its work: Christian Religious Education and Chaplaincy to the state schools of New Zealand.


pathways contentPathways Bible and Mission College
As a Bible college, Pathways are 100% committed to giving their students a deep theological base. They also offer an internship, which requires 50% of a student's time to be spent working practically in their fields of ministry. Pathways believes this action/knowledge dynamic is how people truly learn and develop.