Leaders' Toolbox

The Leadership Toolbox is designed to resource you in your ministry. This area is full of resources and ideas to help you on your leadership journey, and the youth you're involved with.

The Toolbox is categorised into seven sections to make it easier to find what you're after. All categories have subcategories, just to make it even easier for you.

Each area is filled with books, articles, websites and DVDs that we reckon are pretty useful. If you need help hunting down any of these, or have ideas to add to the box - email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Use the quick-link images above for Safe to Serve, The Next Step, Tribe or Youth Work Training resoruces.


safety1-leadersYOUTH WORK PRACTICE

Find everything on youth work practice here - all the nitty gritty, official stuff and some tips/resources.

> Youth Work in NZ  > Youth Culture

> Sustainable Practices  > Youth Culture

> Youth Work Practical Tools   > Fundraising

> Safe/Ethical Practice and Job Descriptions


smallgroup-leadersDISCIPLESHIP & TRAINING

Check out some really cool discipleship resources here.

> Small Group Material  > Small Group Leadership

> Mentoring       > Training Resources

> Spiritual Disciplines


salvationarmy-leadersTHE SALVATION ARMY

All you need to know about The Salvation Army's history and beliefs and find soldiership course resources.

 > Salvationist History & Biographies

> Salvation Army Beliefs

> Soldiership Resources


living-leadersCHRISTIAN LIVING

Find some cool books and movies, learn about some key lifestyle applications and ways to get into the action.

> Lifestyle       > Soul Stuff

> Social Justice       > Evangelism

> Relationships and Guy/Girl


bible-leadersTHE BIBLE & THEOLOGY

Learn about different Bible translations, find some tools and explore theology.

 > Bible Translations and tools




Find resources to develop your own leadership and the team around you. And get fed!

> Leadership





Find resources, ideas and info about biculturalism how it's really important in reaching people.

>Māori Resource Area




Check out a bunch of really handy websites - from resources, to articles to just plain handy.

 > Links





The Youth Deprt create various resources to equip corps and centre. Check out the list of resources we currently have available.

> List of Youth Department resources