Here you'll find our top picks of Salvation Army history resources and biographies.



A Cause To Die For series
These are much more youth-focussed than Boundless Salvation – I’d really recommend them. They’re coming from a soldiership perspective, but provide a fairly fresh outlook on who we are and what our mission is. It’s also really practical and geared to application, showing you how to develop your ministry within The Salvation Army.

  • Boundless Salvation - John Cleary
    A four-part DVD series to understanding who we are and where we came from. This can be a little dry for youth, but good to use short clips from. Boundless Salvation is produced by Aussies, so pretty Australian all round, but don’t hold that against it. The series covers history, theology, culture, worship and mission.



This little book’s an easy read, but it’s packed full of inspiration. Munn and Collinson have taken some of the old school Sally stories and made them into easy-to-read, youth-focused history. Each story/chapter has questions and practical challenges at the end – always handy.

teope content

Te Ope Whakaora - The Army That Brings Life

A must read for any New Zealand Salvationist.


I'll Fight - Phil Wall

A great, inspiring book about The Good Fight that The Army is called to take up. It’s a goodie.

  • Fighting the Good Fight: The Story of The Salvation Army in New Zealand - Cyril R Bradwell



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I Knew William Booth - R G Moyles

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The General Next to God - Richard Collier


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Through Blood and Fire - Richard Collier