Here you'll find our top picks for leadership resources.



Soundtrack for Youth Revolution Dave Reardon

This has been recommended by several experienced youth pastors/workers/people. It’s mostly about issues facing our youth, and it’s practical, funny, and inspiring. Soundtrack for Youth Revolution also has some really helpful material on the guts of youth ministry.

 developingleadersDeveloping the Leader Within You & Developing the Leaders Around You - John Maxwell

John Maxwell is super-highly regarded on leadership teaching, and this duo could be a fairly intense (they’re not youth-aimed) but highly worthwhile read. The titles say it all, really.


Connect - Jonathan McKee
This is brand new and flying off the shelves – as I write, Koorong’s out of stock! McKee’s been around a bit and should know what he’s talking about – this book sounds really great. It focuses on the importance and how-tos of one-on-one connection with teenagers. A good guide to getting alongside your youth.


Thriving Youth Groups - Jeanne Mayo

In-depth and practical guide from renowned youth ministry expert Jeanne Mayo. Jeanne's field-tested insights encourage both spiritual and numerical growth.

 disconnectThe Disconnect - Group/Doug Franklin

This book tackles the challenge of restoring the pastor/youth worker relationship - a unique resource that brings together youth pastors and senior pastors for honest dialogue on the tough task of working together.


The 9: Best Practices for Youth Ministry- Group/Kurt Johnston and Tim Levert

Kurt Johnston and Tim Levert unwrap nine characteristics of effective youth ministry. They specifically tackle this vital question: "What can churches and youth groups do to keep students from walking away from church after high school?"


My First 90 Days in Ministry - Group

Full of practical, from-the-trenches advice that will keep you on safe ground as you navigate a new church culture…settle into a ministry role…and sort through a pile of priorities.

 thrivingministryThriving Youth Ministry in Smaller Churches - Group/Rick Chromey and Stephanie Caro

A small youth ministry has the flexibility and qualities to be nimble and relational, two qualities that will serve teenagers better than a big budget. This resource demonstrates how to create a ministry teens will love to be a part of.



Youth Minister in the Trenches Series - Mary Penner

Perfect if you’re into all that military-style guff. Mary Penner provides a whole lotta useful insight into some of our toughest challenges as youth leaders – a really effective ministry tool.


Missional Youth Ministry - Brian Kirk and Jacob Thorne

For all those working 'in the trenches' of youth ministry who long to offer teens a deeper, more substantial, more active role as members of the body of Christ, Missional Youth Ministry is a practical and theologically-sound guide for building a ministry grounded in prayer, worship, community, education, mission, and spirituality.


99 Thoughts for Smaller Church Youth Workers- Group/Stephanie Caro

Stephanie delivers practical suggestions and resources for youth ministry programming, affirming your students and leaders, partnering with parents and tapping into creative, beneficial resources.


Purpose Driven Youth Ministry - Doug Fields

Yup, it’s another one of those books…but surprise, it’s not by Rick Warren! This book was one of my top five for starting off as a youth leader and wondering what the heck I was meant to be doing. It gives really clear guidelines for focusing and structuring your ministry, without focusing entirely on programme.

firsttwoYour First Two Years in Youth Ministry (Follow-up to Purpose Driven...) - Doug Fields

You'll learn the importance of going before God, focusing on relationships, communicating your desires, identifying your personal values, developing and teaching your purpose, pursuing leaders, evaluating and creating programs, and more.

 leaderswhowilllastLeaders Who Will Last - Tim Hawkins

I’m running out of stuff to say about this guy, but Barry loves him. “Tim Hawkins is one of the most experienced Christian Youth pastors in Australia. He is currently the Youth Pastor Emeritus at St. Paul's Anglican Church, Castle Hill, in Sydney, where he has been for over twenty years. Here he reveals how you can grow in your leadership vision, character and skills.” – Thanks,

 lawsofleadership content21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership John Maxwell

A great read that highlights 21 ‘laws of leadership’ as presented by a man that understands business as well as church. It’ll get you thinking, if nothing else.

99caring99 Thoughts on Caring For Your Youth Group Group/Matt Murphy and Brad Wildstrom

Practical tools, tips, and techniques to help you become a youth worker who is equipped to care for teenagers from the coffee house to the crisis moments.

 strengthsfinderStrengthsFinder 2.0 - Tom Rath

This is ideal for you and your youth to discover heaps more about a) yourself, b) how you fit into your group, and c) how you fit into your Corps. It involves an online personality test, from which your top five strengths are found. Really good if youth are struggling to find their ministry calling or gifting. Highly recommend.

 youthministryfootYouth Ministry on the Front Foot - Youthworks

The truth is, the youth of any generation need to hear and accept this gospel! Youth Ministry on the Front Foot tackles the unique opportunities and challenges of ministry to this age group through the wisdom of experienced youth ministers with a passion for seeing teenagers come to Christ.

  99thoughtsjesus99 Thoughts on Leading Well - Group/Reza Zadeh

If you're the point person in your youth ministry or organization, this book will equip you for leading others, building a healthy team, and developing into a stronger leader. And if you're a part of the team, this book will give you tools for helping your team reach the next level of success and impact.

 99thoughtsworkers99 Thoughts For Youth Workers Group/Joshua Griffin

A resource packed with practical advice and useable ideas on every page that will help make your work simpler and your ministry more successful - from a guy who's been doing it for years.

  • The Accidental Youth Leader - James Macpherson

Can't even find a graphic for this one – it’s like it doesn’t exist on the web.  But I know Praxis library has a copy (there’s a link to their site in the Toolbox), you can probably order it from Manna Bookstores, and it’s been highly recommended.



 simplesmallgroupsSimple Small Groups - Bill Search

This isn’t youth-focussed, but there’s a lot to learn from it. Search works through three Cs – connecting, changing and cultivating – to help us figure out what small groups are all about, and really make the most of this type of ministry. It also shares the information without requiring your church to conform to a certain pastoral system, which is really helpful.



Speaking To Teenagers - Doug Fields and Duffy Robbins

This is pretty much the ultimate guide on teen messages (unless you can get yourself to Speaker 2.0, check it out under the ‘Courses’ tab). Speaking To Teenagers has comprehensive info on constructing your talks, and some handy tips for delivery.



Help! I’m A Student Leader - Doug Fields

Once again, Doug Fields knows what he’s on about. This book basically answers the statement posed in its title! It’s a very good practical read, with tools that will help you get the most out of your leadership. Learn how Jesus led others, and learn to follow his example.



Every Leader’s Smartbook - Tim Hawkins

We’ll forgive Hawkins that this is in Times New Roman font. Everyone seems to have a copy, so if you don’t now’s probably the time to jump on the bandwagon. It’s full of really short topical reflections on aspects of leadership as seen by Tim.



Help! I’m a Small Group Leader Laurie Polich
This is a handy guide if you’re freaking out about how to keep a small group of teenagers entertained for a couple of hours. It’s available as a stand-alone paperback – or, here’s an idea – as a whole training kit for training up your student leaders, woohoo!



99volunteers99 Thoughts on Leading Volunteers - Group/Kent Julian

Kent Julian will help you engage, lead, develop, and keep volunteers.


 newbreedThe New Breed: Understanding and Equipping the 21st Century Volunteer - Group/Jonathon and Thomas McKee

A great resource for recruiting, equipping and developing volunteer leaders. Get tips on interviews, job descriptions, how to motivate, how to organise planning sessions and teams and more!



Youth Workers Guide To Helping Teenagers in Crisis - Rich Van Pelt and Jim Hancock

When crises happen - and they will, ready or not - there are practical steps you can take. Van Pelt and Hancock provide field-tested counsel and specific, biblical advice for each stage of crisis


  guidesexThe Volunteers Back Pocket Guide to Sex - Group/Craig Gross and Cris Logan

The authors honestly tackle the toughest topics, including pornography, sexuality, masturbation, and purity. Using God's truth as the foundation, they'll equip you with practical information and powerful strategies to help you become a volunteer youth worker who helps teenagers live wisely and walk in freedom!


What Do I Do When: Teenagers Are Depressed and Contemplating Suicide? - Steve Gerali

This series is designed to give specific critical information on the issue and to "coach" the worker through his/her role as a youth worker not a mental health professional.