Youth Department Resources

One of the main functions of the Territorial Youth Department is to resource and equip all forms of youth work in corps and centre around the territory. One of the ways this is done is through the creation of new and relevant resources to be used at corps and centre. Check out the list of current resources we have available.

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The Salvation Army offers three year youth work training programme with practical learning and approved qualifcations.

In 2016, The Salvation Army will be offering three youth work training models: Foundations of Youth Work, Youth Work LAB Apprenticeship and Youth Work Distance Apprenticeship.

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safetoserveSAFE TO SERVE

Save to Serve has been designed to provide guidelines and a framework for children's and youth work within The Salvation Army. Use this manual to plan and prepare effective, safe and inspiring children's and youth ministry.

The Manual is divided into three main sections: Guidelines and Procedures, Useful Contacts and Index, and Forms and checklists.

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teehq-resourceTee HQ

Tee HQ was established to bring you good looking, comfy and practical apparel for reppin' the Army and getting into mission!

Each design is printed on ethically made apparel and all proceeds from every shirt design sold goes to a nominated cause.

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A series of small booklets that look at complex ideas about faith in simple ways. Perfect for giving out to new Christians, or friends with no understanding of faith ideas- no jargon, just super simple.

Currently available: The Lowdown on God, The Lowdown on Christianity, The Lowdown on the Bible and The Lowdown on Church.

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tns-resourceTHE NEXT STEP

The Next Step is a four part DVD and booklet series that takes you step by step through what it means to be a soldier.

The DVD and booklet have been designed to work in unison exploring the Soldier's covenant, Salvation Army history and structure, our doctrine and symbols, lifestyle commitments and ministry outlets.

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Tribe was the modernised version of the traditional Corps Cadets material introduced several years ago.

It's still a great high school aged small group resource - exploring faith and The Salvation Army at a level perfect for teenagers.

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selfdenialSELF DENIAL

Since 2012, the Territorial Youth Department have created resources specifically for youth and their leaders to engage with the concept of self denial.

This accompanies the territorial material and is sent to corps during the lead up to the Self Denial Appeal.

Keep an eye out in June for the 2017 youth resource.




The Simple Mentoring Guide was created by The Salvation Army Youth Dept in Australia Eastern. The guide is designed to help facilitate a mentoring session - with prompt questions and reminder. It's a folded, wallet-szied card.

The NZFT Youth Dept has had this reprinted here to make it available for corps/centre across our territory. Get in touch!

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