Tee HQ - Salvation Army Apparel

Our Army was founded on mission, and an essential part of this was being visible. Tee HQ is no different. Tee HQ was established to bring you good looking, comfy and practical apparel for reppin' the Army and getting into mission!

Each design is printed on ethically made apparel and no profit is made - all proceeds to Salvation Army Youth Ministry in our territory.

Each design will be offered by presale right here on Firezone.co.nz. Keep an eye out as new designs come out throughout the year.

If you missed out on a presale and are keen to get a previous design - check out The Closet, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.to see if we have stock or order some designs through our webstore.



We've taken a break and are putting our heads together to come up with some cool new designs for you fullas. In the mean time, head to the Tee HQ Closet, check out our designs and order via email or our webstore.





Don't fret... most styles are available on our webstore! Head along HERE to check out our range, and pick up anything you missed out on, or want doubles of!


  • Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see if we have what you want in stock as we can offer these at a cheaper price than our webstore!




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The dealio with Tee HQ apparel:

  • Tee HQ apparel is printed on AS Colour clothing
  • AS Colour is a New Zealand owned and operated company
  • All AS Colour products are ethically produced
  • No profit is made - all proceeds from Tee HQ sales go toward youth ministry in our territory
  • All designs are offered as limited-time presales and are then available by email order or webstore
  • Prices stated include shipping and GST

Any queries:

Tee HQ Closet

Check out the entire Tee HQ collection in The Closet. Check out all past prints (and get sneak peaks) in one simple place.