aspire module


The Salvation Army and The Warehouse Group know that life can be tough for young people, so we’ve teamed up to develop an awesome youth development programme called Aspire. Aspire aims to help young people throughout New Zealand develop the skills, confidence, knowledge and networks they need to successfully address challenges and achieve their goals.


Aspire Programme Outline

Led by experienced Salvation Army youth workers in centres and schools around the country, the year-long Aspire programme involves:

    • Weekly sessions in groups of 10, over 32 weeks.
    • A 3-day adventure programme with possible activities including tramping, abseiling, canoeing, caving, white water rafting and more. This is led by qualified outdoor instructors at The Salvation Army's Blue Mountain Adventure Centre.
    • Developing teamwork and project skills by planning and implementing a community project to address a local issue, ending with goal setting and a graduation celebration.

Aspire is based on the Circle of Courage youth development model. It provides a fun, supportive environment for youth to work on personal development, connecting positively with others, achieving and mastering essential life skills, taking responsibility for their decisions, and living with purpose and generosity.


2019 Programme Report

Check out the latest Aspire report here for a great snapshot of the programme and the amazing impact it's having on young people around New Zealand.


For more information about Aspire Youth Development or to express interest in running an Aspire group, please contact the national coordinator, Michael Smith, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Lesson Plans

Click the following links to access the 30 Aspire lesson plans:

> Session 1: Group Formation and Introduction (PDF, 31KB)

> Session 2: Group Formation and Contract (PDF, 25KB)

> Session 3: Group Formation EFT (PDF, 25KB)

> Session 4: Respect (PDF, 99KB)

> Session 5: Teamwork (PDF, 101KB)

> Session 6: Trust (PDF, 105KB)

> Session 7: Honesty (PDF, 95KB)

> Session 8: Support Networks (PDF, 101KB)

> Session 9: Problem Solving (PDF, 116KB)

> Session 10: Communication (PDF, 111KB)

> Session 11: Communication continued (PDF, 115KB)

> Session 12: Self Control (PDF, 123KB)

> Session 13: Creativity Session (PDF, 141KB)

> Session 14: Self-Esteem (PDF, 122KB)

> Session 15: Goal Setting (PDF, 418KB)

> Session 16: Planning (PDF, 53KB)

> Session 17: Peer Support (PDF, 118KB)

> Session 18: Setbacks Into Success (PDF, 115KB)

> Session 19: Ko Wai Au (PDF, 118KB)

> Session 20: Ko Wai Au continued (PDF, 131KB)

> Session 21: Awareness (PDF, 96KB)

> Session 22: People Matter (PDF, 120KB)

> Session 23: People Matter continued (PDF, 124KB)

> Session 24: Environment (PDF, 121KB)

> Session 25: Globalisation (PDF, 108KB)

> Session 26: My Home (community awareness) (PDF, 98KB)

> Session 27: Needs Analysis (PDF, 102KB)

> Session 28: Putting It Together (Project planning) (PDF, 91KB)

> Session 29: Generosity (PDF, 98KB)

> Session 30: Community Project (PDF, 15KB)